Blob Warfare is a 2D Multiplayer Arena Shooter with Platforming elements. The game features 2 maps at launch and 3 classes to play as.



Assault is the most well rounded class. His health and movement speed are right in the middle and he spawns with the P90.


Engineer is a class focused on Brawn over Brains. He has completely maxed out health, but his movement speed is really slow as a trade-off. He spawns with the SPAS-12 Shotgun


Scout is the most skill based class in the game. His health is the lowest out of the bunch, but his movement speed is the highest out of everyone. He spawns with the AWP Sniper, the most powerful weapon in the game, but in order to be effective with it, you have to be accurate.


- 3 Playable Classes

- 2 Maps

- 5 Weapons in total (P90, M416, SPAS-12, AWP, and Glock)

- 5 Player Online Multiplayer

- Bots fill in empty positions

- Quick & Easy Matchmaking

NOTE: This game is online only. You need to be connected to the internet at all times to play this game. While, this game does have bot support, they are just there to fill in empty player spots in online matchmaking.


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Verry good game !